Laura Bean hails from Kentucky, where she grew up in a countryside log house her daddy built, singing in church with her 3 sisters while her Mama played the organ, listening to the bluegrass family band, and learning classical piano from her Grandpa Joe.

She left home for other shores, landing in Berlin, Germany, where she busked the streets and in cafes for years and hosted an old-time weekly bluegrass and variety show. She would also play all over Germany with girl band The Runaway Brides, and tour with her solo act. Her roots beckoned her back to the States, where she spent 4 years working in the recording industry at EastWest Studios in Hollywood.

At one of her irreverently humorous live performances, you will most probably hear a grand mish-mash of old murder ballads, rip-roarin’ bluegrass tunes, swingin’ dittys about her tendency to overindulge and honky-tonk country songs about love, playin’ music, and life on the road as a country singer.  This show is more than a retro montage- Laura Bean is a woman with depth of experience, but the ability to deal with it lightly.

Equally adept at guitar and mandolin, and occasionally appearing on stand-up bass, Laura’s authentic voice ranges from brassy to soft and heartbreaking, but she isn’t afraid to get real country!

“Laura Bean’s songs are playful and rompy and they do the job – they tell a story, they jump from jokey to emotional and back again (sometimes in the space of a verse), and they keep the crowd listening.” -Noel Maurice, Indie Berlin