Music Lessons in the Inland Empire including Yucaipa, Redlands, and Calimesa.

I teach Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Mandolin, Auto-Harp, Stand-up Bass, Electric Bass, and give Performance/Singing coaching using stage or studio microphones for students age 5 and up.

Learning to play an instrument is a special journey.  It involves 2 main areas: technical development of physical skill, and cognitive understanding of musical concepts.  I like to say add a dash of fun and making it a mode of personal expression, to get the full effect!  My teaching involves careful techniques to increase skill and muscle memory (essential to the development of mastery) and a solid foundation of Music Theory.  Basically, we do pushups for your fingers, and fill your mental toolbox full of tools that will help you be able to express yourself musically.  The technical training techniques I have developed are based on years of training in various musical instruments, and years of teaching.  I teach music theory using a multi-media approach, including videos and apps for practice, fun quizzes and recall techniques.  I  use many modes of teaching and recall, ensuring that the learning styles of all students are accommodated for.

Laura Sings
Singing Backup vocals for a band in Berlin, Germany.

I have a special focus on preparation for live performance and jam situations, based on years of practical experience.  I know and can relate to performance anxiety, and know exactly how to get you or your child ready for a live performance, music video, or show. As they say, the show must go on, and it’s your time to shine!

Playing Mandolin at the Southern Flavor Show

I have lived and breathed Americana music my whole life- If you want to learn some authentic licks and get an authentic feel for Americana Music, I’m your gal!

Jimmie W. Jul 31, 2017  MANDOLIN · (Online Lessons)

“Laura is a great teacher and an amazing person! She has a passion for teaching as well as music and does her best to help you get the most out of each lesson and always makes time for questions and is willing to work toward your goals and what you want to accomplish musically!!”

Ken C. May 22, 2018  BLUEGRASS GUITAR · (In Studio)

“I was a student of Laura’s and can say without reservation she is the best music teacher I ever had. She was thoughtful and organized in her lesson plans and helped bring my playing to a new level. Laura is also an excellent musician and vocalist and it was a real treat to duet with her.”


My Musical Background: I grew up in a log cabin in Kentucky. My three sisters and I sang in the church where my Mama played organ, and all my aunts and uncles played in a bluegrass band called the Herde Family Band. I learned piano at an early age from my Grandpa Joe, and played French Horn and Mellophone in Marching Band and Concert Band through middle school and high school. At the University of Kentucky I was in some of the best Collegiate choirs in the country led by Dr. Jefferson Johnson, and that’s also when I started playing in my own band.

The Runaway Brides
The Runaway Brides: There I am, 2nd from the right, playing Mandolin.

I moved to Europe when I was 20, and started playing street music, performing locally, and writing my own songs.  I played in an all-girl country band called The Runaway Brides and had a bluegrass band.

Well, that all turned into me having my own variety show called the Southern Flavor Show, and touring quite a bit, all over Europe.  I composed and sold several of my original songs to various clients, and worked as a voice-over and studio vocalist.  I directed and produced several music videos, and recorded my own music.

The Southern Flavor Show
Playing with Andreas and Speedy

I’M SAILIN’ ON by TRIXIE TRAINWRECK, directed and edited by Laura:

I moved to Los Angeles in 2011, and assisted in creating music videos and movies with various companies and productions.  I worked at EastWest Studios for 3.5 years, where countless of the music industry’s finest record the best music of our times (EastWest Studios was ranked #8 in the top studios in the world by Billboard Magazine in 2017).  In my job at the studio I worked with many leading artists, engineers, and producers in the music industry today.  Countless types of music are recorded there, but my favorite music is and always will be the Bluegrass, Folk, and Country music that I grew up with.

Laura Sings
Singing Backup vocals for a band in Berlin, Germany.

In the 2017-2018 school year I taught the 4th Grade Ukulele and Music class at Inland Leaders Charter School in Yucaipa, and the community Ukulele and Guitar classes at the Yucaipa Community Center.  In the 2018-2019 school year I taught an Instrumental Music and recording class at Grove Middle School.  During the year I also taught staff ukulele classes, a student Field Recording class (listen to the recordings here, including farm animal and woodshop sounds) and helped the students plan and begin building a Recording studio. 

Recent world events precipitated a move out to the countryside, where I am just tickled to be able to offer outdoor sheltered lessons in a farm environment. Students often take home beets or carrots from my organic vegetables garden, in view of a horse named Ricky and goats and miniature ponies!

I am an active performer locally with Dylan Olds.